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Upcoming at Aftershock


Kickoff - Kamraton & the Dream SOngs Project
September 8 2018

Come join us as we jump-start our third edition with an evening featuring Pittsburgh's Kamratōn ensemble and Minnesota-based group the dream songs project, performing Ted Moore’s Feathermucker.

THe Bar at Aftershock

The Aftershock bar is guided by local budding mixologist Jon Black. He creates a rotating cocktail list inspired by the art and artists occupying  our space as well as his own artistic palate. Patrons are always encouraged to arrive early so they may relax and enjoy.

Welcome to the Dom

So much great art is being produced in Pittsburgh, and Aftershock hopes to help with that. If you are an artist or theatre company looking for a space to perform. Aftershock is eager to host artists to whom Slovinski Dom speaks.


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