Our mission

The mission of Aftershock Theatre is to use innovative arts management best practices and fiscally responsible management to create powerfully resonant theatre for Pittsburgh’s increasingly diverse population and send aftershocks of inspiration and enlightenment throughout the city.

Our vision

Aftershock Theatre desires first and foremost to be a community space – a space where people of all walks of life can come together to experience art and share ideas. The theatre seeks to target the large and ever growing audience of Millennials and GenXers in the city who currently feel little connection to the art being produced elsewhere and provide them with art which speaks to their lives and their circumstances.

Essentially, Aftershock strives to provide a positive impact on the Pittsburgh community by helping to spread the power of art, culture and creativity and contribute to the city’s growth as place where art and technology are embraced and used to fuel positive change.

Our values

Aftershock Theatre is committed to:

  • Producing high quality impactful art that often delves into the realm of experimentation.

  • Always remaining accessible through price by keeping costs low enough as to be affordable for all.
  • Providing ample opportunities for engagement with our art and encouraging discussion and debate at every performance and event.
  • Developing a community through art and creating a safe space where diverse audience members can come together and share ideas.